Zakład Preparatów Paszowych Polmass S.A. (The Fodder Preparations Plant Polmass S.A.), located on the outskirts of Bydgoszcz (on the way to Szczecin), is definitely an excellent company’s showcase. At the beginning of 2003 the most modern line for production of milk-substitute formulae was installed there.
On this fully automatized and computer-operated line the highest quality milk-substitute formulae for calves are produced: POLMASS MILK, MLEKOWIT, PRIMOLAC, VITALAC, VITALAC with linseed and EKOLAC, as well as POLLAC for piglets.

 Milk-substitute formulae from Polmass, in bags marked with a characteristic drawing of a calf and a breeder, are known and used in almost all centres for cattle rearing and breeding in the country.

For many years the share of Polmass S.A. in the milk-substitute formulae market in Poland has been unchangeably oscillating around 50%. We are highly successful in selling our milk-substitute formulae to our eastern neighbours: Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. After Poland’s accession to the EU our business relations with companies in Czech Republic and Germany have become even stronger.

 In September 2005 another production line was put into operation, for production of mineral and vitamin mixes for cattle. Currently on the new line in Bydgoszcz we produce 12 types of vitamixes for cattle, designated for different age groups. On this line the latest equipment to increase capacity and ensure high and stable quality of the products was installed. We offer an option to produce vitamixes to the individual customer’s requirements, after an adviser selects the best composition for a given farm.

Our products are successful because Polmass uses only verified methods and components, having in mind animals’ health and productivity.

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